At Soft & Gentle we’re on a mission:
To start a kindness revolution in the UK

We believe that real strength comes from being kind – whether it’s helping a stranger on the bus or surprising a work colleague.
Small changes can make a big difference. That’s why we’ve made the choice to combine skin kind ingredients and strong formulations in all of our products.

We know it takes 66 days to form a habit, so we’re encouraging you to take part in the 66 Days of Kindness Challenge to show just how effective kindness can be.

Why not be a little kinder, and stronger, for yourself and for others, from today? #strengththroughkindness #softandgentle

To get involved in our 66 Days of Kindness Challenge, follow these three easy steps:

1. Do something kind for someone you love, or someone you’ve never even met before!

2. Share what you did and how it made you feel on social media tagging @softandgentleuk and #strengththroughkindness

3. Nominate three friends to get involved
It’s as easy as that and we promise you, it’ll be worth it!


Instagram post 17899836316400387 Crafting Christmas kindness (2015) 🎄
Instagram post 17981039338285437 #ad I remember the days at school when I seemed to be the only girl who had sweat marks.. And we’re not just talking at P.E. 
As a teenager I was totally embarrassed and would constantly try and hide under my school jumper!! Even on the hottest of days.. I’d use toilet roll under my arm pits and try and cover myself with ridiculous amounts of Charlie red, just incase🙈 
That’s my embarrassing story, I can tell it now 15 years down the line but back then NOWAY!! As we get older and start to talk about our ‘little secrets’ shall we say. We find ways around them purely by opening up and when we do we can find a solution right?
New softandgentleuk is a game changer👀 It’s coming in my bag EVERYWHERE I go!!🎒
It PROVIDES 48HR PROTECTION✔️🙌🏼 #softandgentle is infused with organic oils and made with fine fragrances which contain ethically sourced essential oils and is suitable for #sensitiveskin!! Currently half price at Boots until the 22nd October👌🏼 #strengththroughkindness #vegan
Instagram post 17858830219588270 Baby Girl... you’re going to be okay 💕
#selfie #celfie #winter #mondayblues #yougotthis #selfcare #selflove #goodadvice #livelife #liveandlearn #strengththroughkindness
Instagram post 18093423931014597 It’s small act of kindness that not only make a huge difference, but show true strength 💫🙏🏻 Such a gorgeous evening last night with softandgentleuk celebrating small acts of kindness to the launch their new Skin Protect range. Specifically designed to be kind to delicate skin, using delicate ingredients that are infused with organic oils and fine fragrances, the range contains ethically sourced essential oils that are vegan friendly and accredited by the Skin Health Alliance. 
Having struggled with allergies and sensitive skin all my life, it’s so great to see brands creating products with that in mind. Not to mention spreading the message of just how incredibly important it is to be kind - which is something I am so passionate about 🙏🏻💖 I would love to know how an act of kindness has changed your day in some way? 
#strengththroughkindness |AD|
Instagram post 18061920628158413 AD| ACTS OF KINDNESS |⁣
As simple as it sounds, I genuinely believe that the world would be a better place if we were all just a little bit kinder to one another.⁣
It could be as small as opening the door for someone, or an unexpected compliment or bunch of flowers. However you show kindness, it is almost always gratefully appreciated.⁣
I’m lucky to have found myself a friend who gives kindness in abundance. It’s not only her job that requires a giving approach, whether that be in clinic with her clients, or with me where she is always a shoulder to cry on should I need it, but also within her nature to help everyone around her with her positive energy and thoughtfulness in everything she does.⁣
As part of the softandgentleuk #StrengthThroughKindness campaign I wanted to share someone who has given me kindness, and to also nominate lucymountain, gynaegeek and charlielaunder to share their own stories of experiencing kindness too. 💙
Instagram post 17849484826657405 #ad Suffering with sweating can impact your daily life and affect self-confidence, so I’m glad that softandgentleuk launched its new Skin Protect range which provides 48h sweat & odour protection.

The new range is made with fine fragrances containing ethically sourced essential oils and comes in four beautifully smelling scents! But it’s still suitable and safe for sensitive skin, with an accreditation from The Skin Health Alliance. 
They launched in superdrug last weekend plus, they’re also currently half price at bootsuk until 22nd October so now is the time to stock up…like I did!

#softandgentle #strengththroughkindness #sensitiveskin #vegan
Instagram post 17887184530406435 #ad Off to the gym this afternoon 💪🏼 trying to get back into a proper exercise routine after a busy summer. I’ve always got with me my softandgentleuk 48 hour anti-perspirant deodorant. It smells amazing, is suitable for sensitive skin, infused with organic oils, doesn’t leave white marks AND most importantly is vegan 🐰 Pick one up half price at bootsuk 🌸🌸 #vegan #sensitiveskin #softandgentle #strengththroughkindness

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