Trusty Tips for Packing Light

Trusty Tips for Packing Light

Airline luggage size and weight restrictions aside, there are plenty of other reasons for needing to pack light. Any minimalist will tell you, less stuff means less to worry about.

Goodbye things! Yes, there are all the usual tricks like rolling up and layering your clothes , or doing your best impression of Joey from Friends on the plane, , but we have a few other tips for packing light that are well worth knowing…


Photograph your travel guide

Is the whole guide book about the island/country/region you’re heading to really relevant? Nope. It’s probably just a few pages you’re properly interested in. If you don’t have an e-reader, cut down on bulky books by photographing the most relevant pages on your smartphone. It will be just as easy to read and more convenient to access on-the-go.


Zip it, don’t bottle it

Just like you would for storing freezer foods, decant your bulky everyday products into smaller containers and think creatively. Use thick zip-lock sandwich bags rather than plastic bottles, and store lotions and cotton buds in alternative containers. If you’re worried about them splitting, use two bags and pack soft clothing around them. Just make sure you stick to the strict liquid rules for flight carry-ons.


Multipurpose make-up

Just because it says it’s a bronzer, it doesn't mean it won’t look totally adorable on your eyelids. Think about what products could double-up. Neutral eye shadows can make great brow fillers, lip stains often work well on the cheeks and getting a spray tan can be more convenient than foundation. Chances are, if you’re on holiday you’re going to be more focused on topping up your sunscreen than applying the perfect smoky eye anyway.


Minis of your favourites

It’s tempting to stock-up on a plethora of minis when you get to the airport, but – reality check – are you really going to use them again? Stick to the everyday essentials  you can use when you’re back home like anti-perspirant and toothpaste, rather than a sample-size shimmer stick. Soft & Gentle’s roll-on anti-perspirant range is available in discreet handbag sizes, perfect for travel, trips to the gym and emergency top-ups.



This is the one thing many of us wish we’d packed more of: they’re  low maintenance, crease-free, totally comfy, light and versatile. You can’t go wrong with some leggings for around the hotel room or to pop on under a dress on a cooler night. Just make sure you opt for neutral colours for maximum wearability.


Sweet almond oil

Forget packing multiple jars of lotions and potions. Sweet almond oil is a natural multitasking moisturiser rich in skin-loving vitamin E. Use it as a basic facial oil,  body moisturiser, cuticle treatment,  massage base or hair treatment, you can even mix it with a sachet of salt or sugar for an exfoliating scrub! Just take care if you have a nut allergy.


These trusty packing light tips will ensure you don’t pack everything and the kitchen sink on your next trip. Our roll-on deodorants are perfect for travelling light and keep you protected around the clock, so you can feel comfortable and confident while you travel.