Tips for Looking After Your Skin

Tips for Looking After Your Skin

Our skin types are as individual as we are and each comes with its own benefits and challenges. One day you could be enjoying a luminous complexion post work-out and the next suffering with a mid-cycle breakout.

Whatever your type, we all have times when our skin needs a little extra TLC to keep us feeling our very best. Here are our top tips for looking after your skin.


Hydration, hydration, hydration?

Water can be a fountain of youth if you have dehydrated skin, but it’s also worth thinking about why it’s dehydrated. It may be caused by the environment (think air conditioning and diet rather than genetics).

Thirsty skin looks dull, feels tight and rough, often shows fine lines and can be sensitive too. If this is you, try to drink more water!


The right tools for the job

Products with harsh ingredients or strong perfumes can aggravate dry or sensitive skin, such as detergent-based shower gels, which can strip the skin of precious protective oils. Dry skin tends to be lacking in these natural protective oils and needs a richer, heavier moisturiser, often oil or wax-based.

In contrast, oilier skin prefers a lighter moisturiser, such as a gel. Yes, you still need to moisturise, even if you have oily skin.


Don’t sweat it

You’ll know if you’re ticklish that our armpits are especially sensitive areas! The skin here is a bit thinner than other places on the body and is home to many different nerves and lymph nodes. While it’s important to keep this area clean and hydrated, consider using milder products.

Opting for skin-kind deodorants or anti-perspirants such as our 0% aluminium range, formulated with natural plant extracts, can prove to be gentler and less irritating on this delicate area.


You’re sweet enough

Sugar is great for the skin, as long as you’re exfoliating with it (frugal tip!) and not eating loads of it! Sugar and high GI foods produce an insulin spike which leads to collagen, the substance behind ‘plump’ and ‘springy’ skin, being broken down.

Some dermatologists go as far as saying that giving up sugar can make you look ten years younger. Ten years! If that’s not a reason for passing on extra dessert, we don’t know what is.


Raise that heart rate

Good circulation helps your skin look vibrant and bright by increasing blood flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to your body’s cells and taking away waste products.

How you choose to increase your circulation is up to you – you may like a sprint on the treadmill or, prefer more fun options, like an aromatherapy massage. Whatever you choose, we have a reliable range of anti-perspirants and deodorants that will keep you feeling confident and comfortable.


At Soft and Gentle, we take pride in our 48 hour protection anti-perspirant sprays and roll-ons deodorants from our classic range. We help you stay protected with skin kind formulas, available in a variety of fresh fragrances.  Be kind to your skin with Soft & Gentle.