Time-Saving Morning Hacks You’ll Love

Time-Saving Morning Hacks You’ll Love

Are you that rare breed of morning person who springs out of bed at 6am, manages to eat a proper breakfast sitting down, catch-up on the news, squeeze in a run, and appear ‘put together’ with coffee in hand at your desk pre-9am?

If so, we salute you! For the rest of us, please treat us gently before we are caffeinated.

To help you maximise your beauty sleep and make the most of those precious morning minutes, here are our top tips for saving time in the morning.


Weekly outfit planning

On Sunday night, take a hanger for each day of the week and load it up with the clothes you actually plan to wear. And, here’s an extra hot tip: include tights and other specialist underwear.

After all, no one wants to spend their mornings in a hot fluster, yanking on laddered tights, or hunting for that multiway bra in a certain colour. If you do one thing, do this – it’s a game changer.


Steam, don’t iron

We’ll be honest, a fair few of us at Soft & Gentle HQ have some very nice dresses that we almost never wear because they 100% require ironing. Our biggest tip for saving time in the morning is using a steamer rather than an iron.

Hang up your outfit, float the steamer around it and watch how the creases drop away. No steamer, no problem; for some outfits, hanging them in a steamy bathroom will be enough.


Dry shampoo

It’s an emergency – the alarm didn’t go off / it ran out of battery / we slept through it, and now we literally have 10 minutes to get out the door. It’s time to bust out the dry shampoo. These days it comes in cans, powders, and even in different colours (fear not, brunettes). What’s more, day-old hair with dry shampoo actually works better for some hairstyles.


Travel kit

Have a make-up bag prepped to go with all the basics you need so you can apply it on the train or at work – be sure to include some cotton buds and a travel-sized anti-perspirant.

Soft & Gentle is available in discreet sized roll-ons with 48-hour protection and a burst of light fragrance, such as swoon-worthy Jasmine & Coco Milk and Lavender & Patchouli. Perfect for quick, worry-free application, they won’t leave any white or yellow traces.


Post-it note prep

We love a list. If you’ve got a bunch of stuff to remember like a packed lunch, that report you took home, gym gear, roll-on deodorant and the kitchen sink, leave it all in the same place (with your keys, as you can’t leave without those!).

And add a few post-it note reminders in the places where you’re bound to see them in the morning, like the front door or bathroom mirror. You’ll feel like a morning genius.


Saving time in the mornings couldn’t be easier with our tips. Our roll-on deodorants are perfect for popping in your handbag when you’re in a hurry – plus they keep you fresh and dry.