Sweat in the City: Tips for Staying Cool in Summer

Sweat in the City: Tips for Staying Cool in Summer

Sweat in the city

“It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your …” But wait – there are more appropriate ways to stay cool if you’re out and about, whether you’re wedged under someone’s armpit on the Tube (eww), or desperately running around town with five shopping bags and a pushchair.

With temperatures soaring as high as 35 °C during British heatwaves, it’s essential you know how to prevent yourself from getting hot and bothered.  Discover our top tips for staying cool in summer. You’ll thank us later!


Linen is better than you think

While we love the innovative fabrics that have burst onto British catwalks over the last few years, nothing quite beats old-school linen for keeping cool. Its fibre structure means it’s non-clingy and fallaway from your body, allowing for better airflow. It’s also highly absorbent, so it quickly removes perspiration from the skin, allowing it to evaporate from the fabric to cool you down.


Up your anti-perspirant game

Come summer do you suffer with sweat patch paranoia, or that grimy feeling of sticky pits which leaves you craving a cool shower? Time to bring out the big guns and use a long-lasting 48-hour protection anti-perspirant. Soft & Gentle’s classic range is available in fresh scents like Jasmine and Coco Milk. While these are powerful, they are also formulated to be kind to the skin with no-alcohol formulas and come in a convenient spray can or a handbag-friendly roll-on.


Carry some mist

Spraying a fine mist of water achieves the same cooling results as sweating, albeit in a more glamorous and office-friendly way. You can easily pick-up compressed water in handbag-sized aerosol cans which you can then spritz on-the-go for a refreshing pick-me-up. Brilliant for travelling on trains or long car journeys when the discomfort from dry heat can build-up, big time.


Eat light and drink plenty

Large meals take a lot of energy to digest, creating heat in the process, so practice restraint and feel double good about it – we’ll pass on the steak frites and have a Tuna Nicoise, please! Try snacking on finger foods high in water content like cucumber and celery batons with cream cheese. And, it should go without saying, keep a bottle of water on-hand at all times.


Portable fan

Quit fruitlessly fanning yourself with your hand. The tiny and temporary cooling effect will be undermined by your increase in body heat as you use your muscles. Much better to invest in a handheld or smartphone-operated fan that can offer some more efficient relief from the heat. Just don’t forget some spare batteries and expect to pass it around as your friends mercilessly demand sharesies!


So, now you know our top tips for staying cool in summer. Do you have what you need to stay comfortable throughout your day? Get the protection you need with our Aluminium free deodorants and roll-ons.