10 Tips to Become a Morning Person

10 Tips to Become a Morning Person


  1. Pack your bag the night before! I always make sure that during the evening I organise my bag so that I have everything I’ll need packed and ready for the following day. This means that I can start my day without the added rush of having to throw bits into my bag, plus I’m less likely to forget anything knowing that everything is in one place. 


  1. Try not to hit snooze. I am a big advocate of waking up to my first alarm (much to my boyfriend’s dismay). I always find that if I snooze my alarm, I feel much sleepier on rising. It’s a good feeling to just get up and seize the day. If you’re someone that does really struggle to jump out of bed, why not try staying awake from your first alarm but use that extra snooze time to plan 2-3 things you’d like to achieve that day. 


  1. A quick cold shower. I’ve recently started making my morning showers a little chillier, and whilst this change is only for the brave, it really does make you feel awake and alert first thing in the morning. As someone who goes straight into seeing clients back to back from 6.30am, it’s a good way to ensure I feel on the ball.  


  1. Smell fresh all day long! I spend most of my days running around London, and with training too I need to ensure I feel and smell fresh for the entire day. I use the Soft and Gentle 0% aluminium roll on which smells amazing and keeps me feeling good all day. 


  1. Prepare your breakfast the night before! I am all about nourishing my body with good food, but when you’re pushed for time in the morning it often falls low on the priority list. Preparing something like overnight oats the night before is a great way to combat this, and ensures that you start your day with a wholesome healthy meal.  


  1. Drink up! Before reaching for your morning coffee, start your day with some water to hydrate yourself after sleeping.  I make sure I always carry a water flask around with me to remind myself to keep sipping throughout the day to stay hydrated. 


  1. Move yourself! Why not try a brisk walk first thing in the morning, instead of hopping on at your closest tube, station or bus stop. I always find a 10-minute walk in the morning gives me headspace to think and find clarity before a busy day ahead.  


  1. Do before you view! I’ve got into the habit of trying not to look at my phone until I’ve completed my morning routine and am on my way to work. I was finding that opening my phone up straight after waking tended to cause me anxiety from the get-go. Since introducing this step to my morning routine, I’ve found it so much better to get myself ready in a good headspace first thing in the morning. 


  1. Make time for exercise as much as you can. Many of us can struggle with fitting it into our daily routine but I’ve found that regular exercising really helps me to have a better night sleep, leaving me feeling much fresher in the morning. Home workouts can be a great option, a few simple exercises for 20-30 minutes in the evening can make all the difference if you’re stuck for time. 


  1. Write down morning thoughts! I often wake up in the night or first thing in the morning with my mind buzzing with ideas, but they’re so often lost. Try sleeping with a note pad next to your bed so that you can always have something handy if you do have a golden idea, or something you need to remember to do. This will hopefully help you find clarity of thought and perhaps bring things into reality, instead of letting an idea simply buzz around in your head.