Feminine Hygiene Tips: How to look after your intimate area

Feminine hygiene is important. Here are basic feminine hygiene tips on how to keep our vagina healthy.

Feminine Hygiene Tips: How to look after your intimate area

Feminine hygiene is important. You will find below some simple tips so we can maintain a healthy routine.

First & Foremost, Try Not to Douche

By spraying the vagina with water, known as douching, we may think that we’re eradicating bad odour or menstrual residue, but in actual fact, we’re affecting the vagina’s natural pH balance.

If you have been douching, you may not have noticed any changes to your intimate area, but it can cause yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. How? Well, while this practice flushes out the good bacteria, it also helps bad bacteria to grow.

If you douche when you already have a bacterial infection, you could cause an infection as the spraying process can encourage the bacteria to move into the reproductive organs.

To maintain the vagina’s natural pH balance, simply rinse around it. Remember, the vagina naturally cleanses itself in many ways, so we just need to wash regularly for good hygiene.

Second: Let’s Wear Cotton Underwear

Cotton is a breathable material and absorbs moisture, so if we want to keep our intimate area fresh then let’s try to always opt for cotton underwear. However, we can still choose lace or silk, as there will often be a strip of cotton fabric in the crotch for that essential breathability factor.

Nevertheless, even with this aerating strip, these materials can be uncomfortable as they don’t stretch so well, and this can limit airflow.

Third: Less of the Generic Shower Gels and More of the pH Balance Wash

Traditional fragranced shower gels (or soap) don’t harm the vagina, but too much can affect natural pH levels and the balance of healthy bacteria. Let’s always remember that a little goes a long way; as mentioned earlier, the vagina is self-cleansing so we could just wash it with warm water.

However, most of us feel cleaner when we use a shower gel to wash our intimate area. But let’s remember it might affect our pH balance and could create irritation or infection. So one way to ensure our area is delicately being cared for is to use specially designed intimate wash or wipes (if on the go). 

Clean Your Intimate Area After Intercourse

It’s important to clean the vagina after intercourse to avoid infections and bacteria. Studies show that using a condom is better for our lady parts’ hygiene, as it helps to ensure that the pH remains consistent, but if we do go without, a good clean afterwards will help keep us healthy and comfortable down below.

Looking after our intimate area isn’t rocket science – all it takes is a little love. 

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