Tips on how to prevent sweating

We all get sweaty from time to time. Maybe too much, one might think. Well softies, it’s absolutely natural at certain times of the day, or after some awkward situations. And plenty of us get sweaty a bit more than others! How annoying!

Tips on how to prevent sweating

Sweat can catch us out anywhere. We may be stressed at work or during hot weather, at home or even when we’re having fun and relaxing on holiday. Lots of us feel boiling hot on overcrowded trains, or buses, or in busy offices. So it’s not unusual to feel much too warm, and yes indeed, too sweaty. What a bore!

When we start feeling too hot, from warm weather, exercise, stress or maybe having had the wrong food and drink (naughty us) our brain tells our body that it’s over heating. So the millions of sweat glands we have send moisture, better known as sweat, out onto our skin to cool us down. But the good news is, when our activity slows down and the temperature drops, we’ll feel much less sweaty. What a relief!

So what are the best things we can do to have a bit more control over sweating?

One key area is our beautiful clothes. Wearing loose clothes made of lightweight cotton or linen can help a lot. They’re the most breathable, natural, and stylish fabrics around. They absorb moisture, rather than resisting it. So not only will we look more comfortable and fashionable, we’ll feel it too!

Another key area is often what we drink. A well know example is very popular, very stimulating, coffee. We probably all love it but sadly all that caffeine we take in can lead us to a bit more sweatiness.

Yes, your sweating can change a lot and that’s very normal. If you want to know more about preventing sweating why not check out this really interesting article