Are you ready to own the morning?

With 46% of us claiming to feel stressed every morning*, leading life coach Carole Ann Rice, shares her top three tips on how everyone can learn to ‘Own The Morning’.

Are you ready to own the morning?
  • Be realistic with your time. If you are rushing around and arriving late, flustered and unprepared for the day, try getting up earlier – even 30 minutes can make all the difference. You’d be surprised how much nicer it is to ease into your day instead of stumbling into it in a wild panic.


  • Planning is essential. When you have lots of tasks to complete each day, planning is essential, especially if you are a busy mother with children. Keep a home planner in the hallway with a check list of what is needed each day - dinner money, violin, gym kit, dressing up day, cookery ingredients - so you can organise each day at a glance and in advance. Having everything prepared can help to reduce the chance of the typical morning mayhem.  


  • Commit to walking when you can. If the weather is good, commit to walking. Is there a park or green space you can walk through to get to work? Nature has a way of putting our stresses and anxieties in perspective. Even if it is choosing to have breakfast or your morning cup of tea in the garden for a few minutes, you will set yourself up for a great mood all day.
*Survey of 1000 participants conducted by 3GEM Research & Insights, April 2018