The S&G Story

Soft & Gentle has been creating women’s personal care products for more than 40 years. Known for our gentle formulations and great fragrances, we are constantly innovating and evolving to bring you, Softies, the ultimate in skin kindness.

40 years of skin kindness


1976 "no more sting!"

It’s hard to believe deodorant products might have once ‘stung’ our bodies. In 1976, we declared, “No more sting!”, and launched the first non-sting anti-perspirant.


1980 all night long

Girl’s just wanna have fun, right? Absolutely! At the beginning of the fun-loving 80s, Soft & Gentle release ‘After Hours’, the anti-perspirant for a party generation.

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2003 body & mind

In 2003, we launched our anti-stress aromatherapy collection with lavender and patchouli, which is still one of our most popular fragrance combinations ever.


2014 body responsive

We relaunch our entire range with a huge selection of unique fragrances. Our new body responsive technology creates an anti-perspirant with 48 hour protection.

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Today & Tomorrow Skin Kind Innovation

Today, Soft & Gentle is a huge brand with over 30 products. Over the decades we’ve developed many innovations that help you care for your skin, and 2016 brought more than ever before, including our 0% Aluminium Dry Deodorant range and our 0% Anti-Perspirant Roll On range.