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What does compressed mean?

Here at Soft & Gentle we have compressed our 150ml anti-perspirant deodorants to a new 75ml size. We have squeezed the same great protection in to a can that’s half the size! It’s not only good for the environment, but is now even more portable and convenient.

You will still get the same great protection from Soft & Gentle with 48hr protection, anti-white and yellow marks and super skin kindness all in a handbag friendly 75ml can!

Why is compressed the same price?

The RRP of our compressed deodorants is £1.89, which is exactly the same as our 150ml deodorants. And just like our 150ml deodorants, they are often on promotion throughout the year across all of our retailers.

Our compressed deodorants offer the exact same amount of product as the 150ml size, which is why they are the same price. More importantly, our compressed deodorants offer significant environmental benefits as a result of the aluminium and CO2 saving meaning less waste for the environment.

It’s not lasting as long as my 150ml deodorant

The spray from the compressed deodorant will feel lighter compared to the 150ml spray, but this doesn’t mean that you need to use more. The new compressed valve delivers half the amount of gas which is why the spray feels lighter on the skin.

Your routine does not need to change- just spray for as long as you did before for the same great Soft & Gentle 48hr protection. This will ensure that your deodorant lasts just as long as your previous 150ml size.

What are the benefits of compressed deodorant?

Our compressed deodorants have significant benefits to the environment as well as being in a new handbag friendly size! It’s also lighter than the original 150ml deodorant making it even more convenient for on-the-go protection.

The reduction in the size of the can means that for every 1 million new compressed cans we produce, we save 192 tonnes of CO2 which is equal to a car travelling around the earth nearly 40 times! We also save 7.7 tonnes of aluminium which is equivalent to over 4,000 bikes. Which we hope you’ll agree is less of an impact on the environment.

Why does it feel lighter compared to the 150ml Soft & Gentle anti-perspirant deodorant?

Soft & Gentle compressed deodorants contain half the amount of gas compared to our 150ml deodorants which is why the spray feels lighter compared to the 150ml deodorant. The reduction in the amount of gas has made room for extra deodorant, meaning that you get the same level of protection in a smaller can.

How do compressed deodorants work?

Whilst our compressed deodorants look smaller, they contain the same amount of protection as before. Aerosol deodorants are made up of a mixture of gas propellant and deodorant. By reducing the amount of gas inside the can we’ve made more room for the deodorant giving you the same level of protection in a smaller can.

Half the amount of gas means that the spray itself will feel lighter on the skin. The amount of protection being delivered is exactly the same as 150ml; however the reduction in gas propellant will make it feel lighter. You do not need to use more even though the spray is lighter. Just continue to use the compressed deodorant as you did before!